Banu with 3 dogs

Staff – team approach to training

Banu (Owner)

After a career in investment banking at Wall Street firms such as Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and A.G. Becker, and the London office of the French bank, Paribas, Banu toned things down in the corporate world working for ITT in New York city. But the “call of the wild” hit her and after great experiences working with her confirmation Rough Collie and her puppy mill rescued Golden Retriever, Banu was bitten by the dog training bug. The Williams and Harvard diplomas didn’t help all that much, so she traveled to Wisconsin to study at That’s My Dog, where she received a Trainer’s Certification in 2005. In between training sessions, kids, household, 4 pets, and oh yes, there’s a husband too, Banu loves to help out in the dog rescue community as well as in wildlife and land conservation.

Banu’s training starts with building a bond of trust and respect between the dog and its handler. From there, the dog’s learning is limited only by its handler’s willingness to spend time and energy. A believer in the philosophy, “nothing in life is free,” Banu helps the dog work successfully for praise and affection, instilling confidence and a sense of purpose while reinforcing the owner/dog bond. Banu’s two dogs, Raleigh and Ziggy, and even the family cats, Marley and Teia, all assist in the training process, especially with dogs in any of the Board-and-Train programs held at her house in Potomac, MD.

Raleigh (Senior Trainer)

  • Raleigh Senior Trainer
  • Raleigh Senior Trainer

Ziggy (Senior Trainer)

  • Ziggy Senior Trainer
  • Ziggy Senior Trainer

Marley (Senior Trainer)

  • Marley Senior Trainer
  • Marley and Teia

Teia (Assistant Trainer)

  • Teia Assistant Trainer