Private Training – where good dogs rule

Our goal is to enable you to take your dog anywhere so that you and your dog can enjoy life together.

Private Obedience Training

  • Off-leash reliability
  • Solid recall
  • Easy leash-walking
  • Good manners, including:
    • No jumping
    • Quiet on command
    • No chewing
    • No rough play
  • Responsiveness to obedience commands
  • House training
  • Training in real life situations such as pet stores, dog parks, and outdoor malls
  • Follow-up group obedience lessons

Behavioral Modification and Rehabilitation

  • Reduction of Phobias
    • Separation anxiety
    • Fear of humans or dogs
    • Fear of thunder storms / loud noises
  • Aggression management
  • Reduction of obsessive behavior
  • Reduction of nuisance barking
  • Social dog walks


  • Puppy consultations in your home
  • House training (and/or crate-training) assistance
  • Assistance in breed and/or breeder selection
  • Assistance in adoption from a shelter or rescue